Week 8:  Writing Task--Describe Human Nature

Course Guide


         Did you know that all humans raise their eyebrows when they recognize someone they come upon, but if there is no recognition, the eyebrows remain immobile.  You don't really see it unless you look closely since the blink is 1/24th of a second in duration.  But you do know when a person is faking--when they say "hi" but don't know who you are. This behavior is not an aspect of culture; it is an aspect of human nature.

          Your  writing task this week is to (I assume you are doing the reading)  write a short essay on human nature (500 words).  Start with what humans desire.  What do humans desire most? Next, look around for some web literature on evolutionary psychology.  Ask yourself if there are some emotions stuck deep in people's natures that have evolved over time. What does survival value mean? You will need to look at what and why you value --leisure time, freedom to choose, money,  the virtues.   Look up the words value and utility. Do not compare apples and oranges or you will try to compare the value of a rib steak with the value of a kind word. Humans are homeostatic; is it human nature to be moderate, to tend to the mean?  Do we applaud being moderate?  Do  humans applaud the immoderate--the mega and nano?   What is this thing called human nature?   Do respond to the instructions and questions in order.  Also, don't forget to reference what you learned of Maslow's theory.

          For an extra credit point, describe what you think "second nature" means.