Story and Myth
(the particular and the universal)


Read and respond to the reading assignment.  If you use a fable, be sure to point out the myth not just the moral.  Do not confuse authorial fictions with cultural mythology.  "But why, you ask, are elves mythological and the Avengers fiction?"  Well, elves are part of old Norse mythology.  The Avengers are modern fantasy.


for your writing task you pick and read a modern  novel, drama, or watch a movie and describe where the writer/director uses mythological symbols/archetypes--  characters  (witches, elves, and angels) themes (the garden),  and actions (the long journey)--to reach through the everyday sensibilities of the audience to touch their deeper emotions--purpose in life and death, survival, safety, and kinship fears and hopes. 

Identify at least one primary myth central to your habits of thought that you have or now identify for analysis.  I, for example, am often amazed by how I am emotionally affected by sea otter eyes--they are so human.  They must have human emotions, especially of the loving, caring kind?  I fall for