Week 3:  Understanding Talents

Course Guide

The objectives of this week come right out of the syllabus. Identify and recognize your talents-- musical, spatial, linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic...etc.

For the reading assignment  search the web under multiple intelligence for an eighth intelligence. In your response to the reading, identify and describe all the intelligences including the eighth intelligence.  Also, read the article "Intelligence in Seven Steps" by Howard Gardner and briefly reflect on it and the author. Use a search engine or the New Horizons website. 

For the writing task simply identify what activities you weekly apply to developing each of the talents. List the talent as a heading and describe the activity underneath. (See example in course guide, but give an example for all of the talents including the eighth one.)

When you have completed the Week 3 set of homework, you will be ready to submit Weeks 1-3 in a single file.  For example if I were a student, I would be sure I have Weeks 1-3 in one file labeled Casad Weeks 1-3.  If you have not done your homework in one file, cut and paste into one file.